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Reflexology is a non-invasive therapy that utilises one of the five fundamental senses, touch, to enhance well-being. It is not a treatment in the conventional medical sense, and practitioners neither diagnose disease nor claim to cure them. 
Working on the principle that each part of the human body is mirrored across both the left and right feet, Kaye will thoroughly and methodically work on each foot in turn to bring relief and relaxation to her clients, using a variety of techniques. Many people report feelings of increased well-being and calmness immediately post-treatment and it is this factor that has made Reflexology such a popular therapy. There is the added bonus of there being no time limit to the number of sessions that you can have with Reflexology, but no more than 1 session per week is recommended. 
Kaye likes potential clients to contact her by telephone so that she can establish whether there are any contra-indications present; that way you won’t turn up and then not be able to have the reflexology treatment. The initial consultation precedes the 1 hour full treatment session, followed by a further 10 minutes of aftercare - total time required of 1.5hrs with further treatments requiring 1hr 15minutes (£35.00). 
Hand Reflexology Treatments of 45 minutes includes the consultation and aftercare in this time (£30.00).  
Clients will also be contacted approximately 24 hours later for an additional well-being and feedback purpose. 
Kaye is looking to increase her Reflexology treatments and include Facial Reflexology this autumn 2019. 
Reflexology is a wonderfully simple, fuss-free treatment mode to deliver; for the client all they need to do is wear loose, unrestrictive clothing, and turn up for their appointment! Kaye uses a comfortable, adjustable couch and blankets, augmented by soothing music and a range of aromatic balms, oils and powders. It is purely down to personal preference of her clients as to which foot product is used to facilitate smooth, seamless reflexology moves during each session. For an additional £5 charge, clients can choose to experience a relaxing spa foot bath at the beginning of their full reflexology treatment. Not only does this feel wonderful, it helps to still and quieten a busy mind which further aids relaxation. 
Discord and dis-ease in the body often manifests at its extremities i.e. the hands and feet. This can be felt in the body as tension, pain, heat or cold sensations, or cellular congestion. During Reflexology, the congestion is frequently felt as “crystalline deposits” that have a crunchy texture when mobilised by a therapists’ dextrous fingers. 
Clients sometimes experience heightened sensitivity in unbalanced areas of their feet during a Reflexology session, others don’t feel anything unusual; there is no right or wrong response by a persons’ body, just simply what there is! Benefits of a reflexology session may be felt straightaway, or they may be felt some 24-48 hours later; again this is entirely down to the individuals’ body. 
For more details on this wonderful therapy please contact Kaye by telephone: 07854064470, by email: kaye@kayeboothreflexology.co.uk, or via Facebook: www.facebook.com/KayeBoothReflexology. 
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